GERBAMIN - Hyaluronic acid with Chelidonium and collagen 10ml.


Hyaluronic acid with Chelidonium and collagen.

Cosmetic Gel 10ml

with cap-dropper


Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid is a natural, Chelidonium, Marine Collagen, an activator, vitamin C, organic acids, flavonoids, tannins, nitrogen-containing organic compounds.

It is a jelly-like mass of yellow color.


Gerbamin gel has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic action. Normalizes capillary blood flow. Promotes normalization of water and mineral metabolism. Slows down the aging process of skin. Increases its elasticity.


Hyaluronic acid. Due to its small and medium mollekulyar structures quickly and easily penetrates the skin, moisturizes it and eliminates the age-related changes.


Marine Collagen increases skin elasticity, making it smooth and silky. Marine Collagen, stimulates cell renewal. Maintains water balance in aging skin. Reduceswrinkles. Itimprovesthecomplexion.


In Russia, Chelidonium herbs in the broth bathing children with manifestations of diathesis and eczema. Hence the Russian name of the plant (Clear body). It is known from the chronicles that when Vladimir Monomakh, began mouth cancer, it cured celandine.

It is recommended to use after the mikroneedle massage with Dermaroller Glavzdravtm (Mezoroller) as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.


Contraindications: individual intolerance to components of the gel.


Dosage: 1-2 times a day, morning and / or evening, apply the gel to cleansed skin.


Store at temperatures from 5-200C in a dark place for 12 months from the date of manufacture. Once opened, use within 2 months.


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