MUMITON Hyaluronic Acid with Mumie 10ml


Hyaluronic Acid with Mumie

Cosmetic Gel 10ml with cap-dropper

Natural Gel Mumiton returns beautiful face and body. It strengthens the hair. Strengthens the hair growth.

Ingredients: 100% Hyaluronic Acid, activator, cleaned Mumie, aminoacids.

Application: lowering face and body muscular tone, acne, scars, strains, scratches, abscesses, burns, pain of the joints, decubitus prevention.

MUMITON is brown colored liquid gelatinous mass with slight odor ofmumie

Properties: HyaluronicAcidwithMumie slows down the aging process. Shilajit has the ability to enhance the regeneration of cells, has a rejuvenating effect by improving the microcirculation. MUMITON Gel reduces acne and cleanses the skin. It has anti-toxic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, analgesic and restorative effect, can be used as a standalone cure as a basis for a cosmetic cream or gel. To create individual cosmetic cocktails with a view to improving the quality of the skin.


Natural Gel MUMITON is used to reduce and prevent stretch marks, cellulite treatment.

MUMITON can be useful combinated with the Dermaroller: inflict a thin layer of gel Mumiton easily massage into skin with circular motions until absorbed. Process the surface as described in the Dermaroller’s instruction.

Hyaluronic Acid with Mumie strengthens the hair and accelerates the pace of they growth, gives an extraordinary beauty to your hair.

MUMITON can transform your hair: they will become more healthy, strong and thick, even if you inflict the gel on your hair and roots of the hair after washing.

Using MUMITON Gel on the scalp with Dermaroller not only increases the rate of hair growth, but also improves brain function by improving blood circulation.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to components of the gel MUMITON.

Application: 1-2 times per dayаpply morning and/or evening to put gel on the cleared skin.

Store at temperatures from 5-200 C in a dark place for 12 months from the date of manufacture.

Once opened, use within 2 months.

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