Massage Gel for The Abdomen - Gel for visceral massage

Massage Gel for The Abdomen

Gel for visceral massage

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The gel had been developed by the Professional Association of visceral therapists of Medical Center Predtechy by "Travy jizny", the company Glavzdrav, recommended for use by Professor Alexander T. Ogulov - The founder of the visceral therapy for professional use.

Ingredients: activator with enriched copper ions; nicotinamide, nicotinic acid, the polymer is guar gum, glycerin, clover grass, lavender flowers, black cumin seeds, sodium bicarbonate, vitamin E, nipagin, nipazol.

The Massage Gel for the Abdomen is designed for cosmetic use. The components of the gel have a stimulating effect on the skin and metabolic processes within it, the gel improves the condition of blood vessels through a marked short duration vasodilation. The Massage Gel balances the function of internal organs, reduces the amount of adipose tissue at the site of application and increases the outflow and elimination of free radicals and aggressive metabolic products from the skin cells. The gel has a weak anticoagulant effect on the blood that passes through the skin blood vessels. The gel tones, tightens and nourishes the skin, and it participates in the formation of structural proteins of the dermis - collagen and elastin, which give skin elasticity.

After application of the gel on your skin, it is absorbed into the epidermis, and then it is spread subcutaneously with the massage movements via the blood to every cell.

When The Massage Gel is combined with specialized vibratory apparatus designed for carrying out the visceral abdominal massage and applied to the skin of the abdomen, its action is intensified: because The Massage Gel penetrates more deeply, increasing tissue temperature by 2-4 degrees Celsius at the place of application. The Massage Gel is then actively absorbed by subcutaneous tissues, improving microcirculation in internal organs.

The positive effect of gel use appear after several weeks of application.

The Massage Gel can be used with electrophoresis, giving a deeper penetration of the gel.

When the gel is used to massage the abdomen with vibrating equipment or electrophoresis, it rapidly helps to withdraw inflammation and accumulated acids from the affected tissue. The gel reduces swelling and eliminates pain, by increasing blood flow and subsequently the tissue is better supplied with oxygen and nutrients, thus making the healing process occur that much faster.

Nicotinamide (vitamin PP), which is a part of the gel, has a stimulating effect on the synthesis of skin lipids. All processes requiring energy in cells depend on the availability of this vitamin in the body. Vasodilation that occurs under the effect of nicotinic acid leads to normalization of oxygen metabolism and oxidative processes. Also, Nicotinic acid can provide detoxification effects. The acid rapidly withdraws toxic substances from the human body, by binding the free radicals and eliminating them from the target organ cells.

Sweet clover has a soothing, relaxing and healing effect, by improving the microcirculation.

Lavender, another gel component, disinfects and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Black cumin has toning and regenerating effect, provides deep cleansing of the skin and its pores.

Bicarbonate soda stops the growth of pigmented spots and moles. It removes pigmentation from the old cells.

Vitamin E - antioxidant to skin. It has a soothing, calming and healing effect.

Glycerin moisturizes skin.

Copper increases the density in the skin and helps to restore its elasticity. Copper is involved in the formation of connective tissue and improves skin pigmentation.

Nipagin - has antiseptic and disinfectant action.

How to use: Apply a small amount of massaging gel to the abdomen. Use with abdomen vibrating machine. If needed, apply the gel again at the end of the procedure.

There may be a warm sensation and some skin redness when The Massage Gel is applied to the abdomen. This is a normal physiological response of the body. If the redness is not observed, then this may indicate that a person has some problems with blood circulation. In smokers the reaction is less pronounced.

Some other signs and symptoms which are part of the body's normal reaction to abdominal massage are the redness of the face and upper body, light dizziness, feeling a rush of blood to the head, urticarial, paresthesia (numbness in limbs). These are due to active ingredients - nicotinamide and nicotinic acid. Redness, itchiness, and heat pass quickly. The reaction of itching on the skin surface is caused by increased blood flow through the small capillaries. The abdominal massage procedure should be carried on alternate days. The number of sessions is determined by the practitioner. Generally 10 sessions is the recommended norm.

Due to the fact that niacin helps to neutralize the lactic acid from the tissue and relieves pain in over trained muscles, the gel may be used effectively in sports medicine. Apply the gel to the painful area, and use ultrasound vibrating apparatus for 5-7 minutes.

Contra-indications: Hypersensitivity to the ingredients of the gel, skin diseases. Not to be used internally. Do not use for injecting. It should be used with great caution during pregnancy and lactation.

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Available in plastic bottles of 250 ml.

Store at + 5 °- 20 ° C in a dark place.